November 19, 2011

Koi wo Wasureta Prince; Ryuusa no Koi; Wana ni Ochi, Koi ni Ochi


Playing royal bodyguard to Mathiaz de Marigny, the seductive Baron Montravel, was a temptation few women could resist. But the moment he was out of harm's way, Jacinta Newnham had fled his ch�teau -- and abandoned memories of moonlit nights that left them both weak with unfulfilled passion.

Now stricken with amnesia and in danger once again, Mathiaz summoned Jacinta back to his side. Jacinta vowed to protect his life, but the greater peril was to her heart -- and the haunting secret she could never reveal. When the truth surrounding Mathiaz's accident -- and Jacinta's connection to it -- surfaced, would he force her to leave, or refuse to let her go again...?

Title: Koi wo Wasureta Prince
Associated Names:
Carramer no Yumemonogatari 2
The Prince Who Forgot His Love
The Baron & the Bodyguard
Author: Valerie Parv
Artist: MINATO Yoriko
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008

Karim, Sultan of Zangrar, sought a gentle, obedient bride. What he got was a defiant, feisty wife with fire in her eyes!

She couldn't be a virgin--she was a rebel princess who wouldn't be tamed. She was hiding secrets, refusing to do his bidding!

The marriage contract couldn't be broken. Their wedding vows had to be sealed!

And then the sultan discovered Princess Alexandra was in fact an innocent....

Title: Ryuusa no Koi
Associated Names:
Ryuusha no Koi
The Sheikh's Virgin Princess
Author: Sara Morgan
Artist: KOHAKU Yuu
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2010

Revenge... or romance?

As Sam Lockhart was devastatingly handsome, it wasn't surprising that he had a reputation! So when Fran Fisher heard that Sam had broken her best friend's heart, she gladly agreed to help her friend get even.

The first part of their plan--for Fran to organize Sam's charity Valentine Ball--was easily achieved. There was an immediate respect between them--and sizzling attraction. But as the night of the ball approached, it became clear something was amiss--this man was no heartbreaker. Now Fran's Valentine wish was no longer revenge--but to have Sam all to herself!

Title: Wana ni Ochi, Koi ni Ochi
Associated Names:
The Valentine Vendetta
Author: Sharon Kendrick
Artist: TOMOI Miho
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2007


  1. Where can I read all of these Harlequin Mangas?

  2. are any of these manga or any of the other manga on this site being translated to english?